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“Switch”, this mode is unlocked by earning 100k points on Nightmare difficulty, if you already have the bomb weapon unlocked you’ll already have it enabled after the update.

During this mode at the start of every boss fight the direction that enemies spawn in will switch. You’ll find yourself having to hug closer to the middle of the screen and switch up how you view the game in the process. It is a bit of a tougher mode, with a difficulty curve halfway between Nightmare and Normal, with the switching adding something new to the mix.

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New Track

Bobby Rose put together an additional track for the main gameplay track set : The Edge of the Night

Balance & Tweaks

Players now start the game fully charged with their unlocked weapon ability.

Time Weapon Cooldown 100 -> 125
Bomb Weapon Cooldown 100 -> 150
Shield Weapon Cooldown 200 -> 225

Base Snake boss segment health: 1200 -> 2500
Snake boss difficulty health scaling has been increased by 33%
Fixed an issue where the snake boss was dropping extra power ups.

Casual mode difficulty scaling has been increased: 25% -> 50%

Changed: Chaser boss minions spawn closer to the edge of the screen, we’ll be watching this closely in the near future if we brought them in too close or what additional changes we’d like to this boss encounter.
Fixed: Chaser boss was spawning an extra minion after his wave spawn was already complete
Fixed: In co-op dead players were able to pick up power ups

Changed: Co-op mode now has fixed colors for spawning White -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow
Changed: In Co-op mode player bullets are their player color rather then all white
Changed: Picking up an extra life in multiplayer allows a dead player, who died when there were no available lives to spawn in again.
Fixed an issue where a new player who started attempting to spawn when there were lives but choose a weapon when no available lives were available would crash the game.

Added additional SFX layers, there is an issue with the laser boss firing off too many SFX which we’ll fix up very soon.

More coming soon!

We’ll be making additional tweaks and adding in more sound effects in the near future.

We have a complete revamp of our input system allowing hot plugging a controller on Windows and proper key rebinding to support international keyboards that wasn’t able to make it in today but will be coming in this next week.