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Here at Extrokold Games we’ve been working towards getting our 2nd title together, Unearned Bounty. Its a stylized pirate FFA multiplayer battle arena, you sink other player’s and npc ships to earn gold and infamy within the time limit of the match, upgrading your ship along the way and the most infamous pirate wins. The game will be free to play, supported by a bunch of cosmetic upgrades; ranging from different ships and hundreds flags that you earn from matches. We hope to make a fun and energetic game that you’ll enjoy =)

The game is based on a project of mine during college (2012) which has already been greenlit. There is video, link to our devblog during the course, and a playable version that we put together during those 10 weeks. We wrote our own engine for that class so the graphics can be a bit buggy there, but I’m currently making a complete overhaul of the game using Unity 5 and a team of 5 artists ranging from part and full time with experience from Sony & Highmoon Studios. Gary Stentiford and I have gotten a bunch of the base mechanics and networking completed and wanted to start sharing our art process, our kickoff for starting the art was January 9th and we hope to get Steam beta rolling soon.