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Here at Extrokold Games we’ve been working towards getting our 2nd title together, Unearned Bounty. Its a stylized pirate FFA multiplayer battle arena, you sink other player’s and npc ships to earn gold and infamy within the time limit of the match, upgrading your ship along the way and the most infamous pirate wins. The game will be free to play, supported by a bunch of cosmetic upgrades; ranging from different ships and hundreds flags that you earn from matches. We hope to make a fun and energetic game that you’ll enjoy =)

The game is based on a project of mine during college (2012) which has already been greenlit. There is video, link to our devblog during the course, and a playable version that we pu...

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“Switch”, this mode is unlocked by earning 100k points on Nightmare difficulty, if you already have the bomb weapon unlocked you’ll already have it enabled after the update.

During this mode at the start of every boss fight the direction that enemies spawn in will switch. You’ll find yourself having to hug closer to the middle of the screen and switch up how you view the game in the process. It is a bit of a tougher mode, with a difficulty curve halfway between Nightmare and Normal, with the switching adding something new to the mix.

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